CHORUS helps funders, institutions, publishers, societies, and the public see, find, and understand the status of outputs of funded research.

CHORUS facilitates access to and information about articles and data reporting on funded research. It does this by collecting funder and institution metadata (information about articles and data) and providing visualizations of that information in a trusted and reliable manner.

CHORUS works with all stakeholders to

1)     enable a smooth, low-friction interface between funders, authors, institutions, and publishers in a distributed network environment, and

2)     provide data and dashboards about access to articles and data that report on funded research.

CHORUS member publishers collectively publish the vast majority of articles reporting on publicly funded research, ensuring a wide breadth to the information we provide.

More than a dozen funders and institutions have agreements with CHORUS that help them understand the nature and access status of articles and data by their funded researchers.

New articles are continuously added and freely accessible to the public on the participating publishers’ sites, either immediately on publication or after a designated embargo period.

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