How it Works

CHORUS leverages existing infrastructure to enable sustainable, cost-effective, and transparent open access to content reporting on funded research. By integrating services and open APIs, CHORUS optimizes funder identification, content discovery and long-term accessibility, compliance monitoring, and dashboard reporting.

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Total Articles Monitored

Total Articles Monitored

The chart represents the growth in the number of Publisher Member articles identified as reporting on funded research that have been monitored by CHORUS since June 2014.

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CHORUS Dashboard Highlights

DOIs/Articles Description
596,100 reported in CHORUS dashboard
142,797 publicly accessible today

The top number is the current count of Member articles that CHORUS monitors and audits for open access status, reuse licenses, and archiving arrangements. The bottom number is how many are openly accessible today.

Research funders working with CHORUS as part of their open or public-access plans, pilot projects, or linking arrangements

  • Smithsonian Institution
  • US Department of Energy
  • Science for a changing world
  • National Science Foundation
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • Defense Technical Information Center
  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • US Aid
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency
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