Optica Open takes up CHORUS Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service

CHORUS is pleased to announce that Optica Open has signed with CHORUS for the CHORUS Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service.

The CHORUS Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service connects preprints to funders and datasets as well as information related to public accessibility and other key metadata. The dashboards provide non-ambiguous links between the preprint and published research, researchers, and their funding. The preprint dashboard aids in discoverability of preprints associated with funded research – providing insight into where research is first being shared.

Howard Ratner, Executive Director of CHORUS, noted: “We are thrilled to have Optica Open joining our expanding preprint coverage which allows for a broader and more complete view of research funding and a natural extension of our services.”

Scott Dineen, Senior Director of Production and Technology, Optica Publishing Group, said: “It is pleased to expand our partnership with CHORUS. Having an Optica Open Preprint Dashboard will demonstrate the value of connecting early research outputs to published research and will highlight an important part of the research publishing cycle.”

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