How CHORUS Helps publishers


CHORUS is a simple, affordable, community-developed solution for monitoring open access to content and datasets reporting on funded research

RUP Success Story (PDF)
How Rockefeller University Press helped define a solution for monitoring open access to funded research that works for publishers of all sizes. 



Leverages the existing publishing process

  • Uses standard metadata from the existing publishing processes, eliminating the need to establish new workflows
  • Designed by members of the publishing community to work seamlessly for members of the publishing community, funders, authors and institutions

Directs users back to your site

  • CHORUS Search Service allows users to search by funder and/or DOI, sending them to your site for the best available version
  • Accessing the best available version on your site offers the user commentary, supporting information, revisions, etc.

Demonstrates your support for sustainable Open Access

  • Supports a community-developed solution for monitoring open access providing real value to you and your authors, as well as the librarians and funders that support them

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