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Accessibility Resources

Inclusive Publishing hub (articles, case studies, resources, links to tools):

The case for accessible publishing (7 reasons in 4 minutes):

Free Online Course on Accessible Publishing Concepts:

Treasure trove of webinars and associated resources on accessible publishing:

C4DISC Toolkit for Disability Equity:

Image Description Guidelines from Benetech and NCAM:

How Publishers Can Get Alt Text Right (brief column from Publishers Weekly):

W3C Images Tutorial:, with authoritative text and links to more detailed guidance–everything you need to know about image descriptions.

This guide for Complex Images on how best to create extended descriptions is especially useful for scholarly publishers:

WAI, the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative:

The DAISY Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base:

EPUB 3 Overview:

EPUB Accessibility 1.1:

Ace by Daisy:

WordToEPUB converter tool:

Benetech Global Certified Accessible: Metadata: Accessibility Properties for Discoverability Vocabulary:

Application Note: Providing Accessibility Metadata in ONIX:


WAI-ARIA Overview:


(1) This list was initially developed for Digital Book World 2023, with contributions from Richard Orme, DAISY Consortium; Michael Johnson, Benetech; and Madeleine Rothberg, WGBH/NCAM.

It was further refined for the CHORUS Accessibility Forum 2023, with contributions from Howard Ratner, CHORUS; Tara Packer, CHORUS; Jamie Axelrod, Northern Arizona Univ.; Kathryn Miller, NIST; Jenny Peng, Oxford Univ. Press; and Stacy Scott, Taylor & Francis.