CHORUS is a cooperative effort involving publishers, funding agencies, partners, and other organizations involved in scholarly publishing for the public benefit.

CHORUS is an initiative of CHOR, Inc., a non-profit organization that was granted 501(c)(3) status by the US Internal Revenue Service. The designation means that we have met the rigorous standards to qualify as a nonprofit entity organized and operated for the public benefit.

Since the passage of the America COMPETES Act in 2010, and the issuance of the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy’s directive in February 2013, the publishing community has been working closely with federal agencies to expand access to scholarly publications reporting on funded research. The Crossref Open Funder Registry service, which launched in May 2013, grew out of this collaboration and CHORUS is built on this robust infrastructure.

Funder Partners play a key advisory role in our development and are beneficiaries of the services we provide. Their help goes a long way to broaden open access to articles reporting on funded research.

Active funder and institutional participation is essential to CHORUS’ taking our collaboration to the next level. The tools we use to identify research articles as digital objects and connect them with authors and funders hold promise for developing additional capabilities beyond CHORUS’ current applications. If agencies and others build research data infrastructure with these tools, the common language will allow for interaction and/or integration. CHOR, Inc. is fully committed to openly sharing information and strategic advice about our technological systems.

Organizations that want to establish an affiliation with CHORUS, but are not ready to commit to one of our membership options may contact us directly at