Identifies articles and data reporting on your agency’s funded research

  • Enables you to identify locations and versions of articles and datasets reporting on your funded research
  • Ensures that content reporting on your funded research are permanently stored in trusted archives such as CLOCKSS and Portico

Leverages the existing publishing process

  • Uses standard metadata from the existing publishing processes, eliminating the need to establish new workflows
  • Designed by members of the publishing community – with input from funders – to work seamlessly for funders, authors, and institutions

Helps researchers maintain compliance with funder requirements now

  • Minimizes researcher compliance efforts
  • Increases ability for researchers to comply with your mandates for open and public access

What Funders are saying about CHORUS

When you’re a federal agency and there’s a data call….it’s a huge resource drain. With CHORUS, because they’re collecting this data continuously and in a consistent way, all that’s automated for us, and that’s a big plus, Keith Kirk, US Geological Survey.

DOE has been providing public access to research since 1947. This has meant keeping up with and implementing radically changing technology across decades…Formalizing our collaboration can only propel our acquisition process leading to more comprehensive coverage of the landscape of articles,” Jeffery Salmon, US Department of Energy

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