Developing a US National PID Strategy Report Released

The Open Research Funders Group PID Strategy Working Group released their report,
Developing a US PID National Strategy: According to Todd Carpenter, this report authored in concert with the Research DataAlliance (RDA), Higher Education Leadership Initiative for Open Scholarship (HELIOS) and the Open Research Funders Group  (ORFG), “… seeks to advance interoperability, simplify output tracking, and improve the overall process of scholarly research communication by focusing on the need for a US national strategy for persistent identifiers (PIDs). (As reported in Scholarly Kitchen, 2024)

Below is a list of other posts regarding the ORFG PID Strategy Working Group efforts. 

  • A feature post on Upstream Blog highlighting the Desirable Characteristics of PIDs, as discussed in Section 3.2 of the report.
  • An announcement on RDA-US about our collective effort and the official release of the report.
  • A discussion of the US National PID Strategy project on Scholarly Kitchen.

The CHORUS forum planned for 22 May 2024 will aim to provide an overview of PIDs in the scholarly publishing workflow then focus on topics such as the U.S. National PID Strategy; the implications of transitioning the Crossref Open Funder Registry to ROR;  how read and publish deals are critically supported by ROR and other PIDs; the implications of “metadata inflation” when third parties add PIDs and other metadata post-publication; and the unique challenges faced in the global south and elsewhere when resources limit effective implementation of PIDs.

Be sure to register for the CHORUS Forum: Navigating the Future of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in Scholarly Publishing – Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities.

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