CHORUS Adds Public Access Flag to Search Results

Finding publicly accessible content just got a little easier. We’ve added new functionality to the CHORUS search beta results to indicate whether or not an article is publicly accessible, or when it will be made available if known.

Every article in the CHORUS member database is checked and confirmed through our internal audit process; we only mark content as PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE when the full text is freely available. If an article is still under embargo and will be made publicly accessible at a future date, and a reuse license is registered, we let you know that date. You can also filter your search to show only publicly accessible results. We’ve added a “report error” function so you can let us know if you discover a problem. CHORUS search results also identify the publisher and funder.

These enhancements create transparency that helps users discover publicly accessible content. We invite all to follow our lead and develop new tools and functionality that build on our open infrastructure and further our common goal to advance public access.

NEW: Now you can search by DOI on CHORUS to find the specific article you were looking for:

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