CHORUS Enters Pilot Phase – to be unveiled at STM Annual Conference and Frankfurt Bookfair

The technical development enabling the pilot phase of the CHORUS service completed on September 30 and will be presented to global audiences at the STM Annual Conference and the Frankfurt Book Fair, both to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, October 7-9.

These advances mark the next stage of development of the service and achieve milestones as defined by the CHORUS Steering Committee.  They follow the completion of the Proof of Concept, presented to Signatories and others on August 30.

CHORUS Director of Development Howard Ratner will present the CHORUS Service Pilot in several settings during the industry gathering in Frankfurt:

  • October 7:  STM Conference presentation to publishers, including CHORUS Signatories, CHORUS resource partners and other interested publishing organizations
  • October 9:  presentation to additional interested audiences at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Additionally, on October 8, Howard will participate in a panel discussion at the STM Annual Conference “Public access: policies, implementation, developments and the future of US published research.” Joining him will be Susan King, CHORUS Steering Committee Chair and SVP, the American Chemical Society; and John Vaughn, EVP, the American Association of Universities

The Pilot introduces working software that demonstrates the functionality of the CHORUS discovery interface, the CHORUS administrative dashboard and the CHORUS archiving and preservation protocol.  In this process, CHORUS has ingested sample metadata sets (including funder identifiers in the FundRef schema) from seven organizations that are significant publishers of articles reporting on results of federally funded research.  They are:  the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, Elsevier, IEEE, John Wiley & Sons and Oxford University Press.

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