CHORUS Forum: Making the Future of Open Research Work

CHORUS Forum: Making the Future of Open Research Work.

There are many ways that infrastructure players (like CHORUS) can support the scholarly communications community as stakeholders work together to advance innovation in open science. Publishers are introducing new models to make more content open access. How do they connect metadata about their customers, researchers, and articles to make these models work? What infrastructure is needed to make new models for open access a success for librarians as well as for publishers? What elements do funders, researchers, and institutions need to make the future of open research work?

This CHORUS Forum event will look at the complexities and commonalities of several new models for open research, and discuss how can we as a community build on the progress made so far in an interoperable and open ecosystem.

Our speakers and panelists are a diverse group of funders, institutions, researchers, and publishers, who will share their case studies and participate in panel discussions. There will be time for Q&A, so bring your questions and your ideas for collaboration as we address “Making the Future of Open Research Work”.

Register by 19 April 2021 to attend.

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