Research funders working with CHORUS as part of their public-access plans, pilot projects, or linking arrangements.

Agencies Make identified articles publicly accessible Post reuse license urls  Allow full text harvesting
for indexing
Allow full text harvesting for
dark archiving
Preserve identified
articles and allow agency
to brighten articles at in CLOCKSS/Portico 
CHORUS Agreement Date
US DOE  ✓  ✓ April 15, 2015
US DOD**  ✓ December 17, 2015
NSF  ✓  ✓ October 1, 2017
USGS  ✓  ✓ October 23, 2015
Smithsonian Institution*  ✓  ✓ v June 24, 2015
ODNI – IARPA  ✓  ✓  ✓ July 24, 2017
Japan Science and Technology Agency n/a n/a  ✓ September 1, 2017
USDA (MOU)  December 27, 2016

Check marks represent the publisher obligations as set forth in the agreements. The agreement date is the month in which an agency signed an agreement with CHORUS. It is not to be confused with any dates within Agency Plans.

*Smithsonian Institution has option to create own dark archive, subject to Section 6 trigger events and distribution under Publisher Member’s Re-Use License

**If Publisher Member does not make a VOR publicly accessible on its website, but does make an AM publicly accessible on its website, DOD will link in a prominent manner to the AM on the Publisher Member website for those Publisher Members that prompt authors to submit AMs to DOD.

Agencies Status CHORUS Agreement Date
National Institute of Standards and Technology  Pilot Partner July 9, 2015
Australian Research Council Pilot Partner January 2017

Last updated: 28 March 2018