CHORUS Membership Grows to 50 with Addition of GeoScienceWorld

We’re proud of the milestones we’ve reached on the way toward achieving a sustainable solution for public access to funded research articles. And we’re delighted to announce another one as CHORUS welcomes GeoScienceWorld as our 50th member!

Alexandra Vance, CEO and executive director of GeoScienceWorld, comments on joining CHORUS: “We see this as a mission-aligned step to support the discovery and use of funded research from our community of society partners. Through membership, we will continue to expand our global dissemination of top-quality, peer-reviewed research. CHORUS dashboards will also provide a useful source of analytics as we continue to assess the dynamics of the funding landscape.”

CHORUS’ diverse membership includes medical, science, and humanities publishers, both commercial and not-for-profit, with both Open Access and subscription titles, as well as publishing platforms and industry organizations. CHORUS publisher members represent over 11,000 journals, which accounts for roughly 70% of published scholarly research. We currently monitor over 289,000 articles for public access and long-term availability, of which over 59,000 are already freely accessible. These numbers increase daily as our publisher members implement CHORUS and more content is ingested.

Through the support of our members and partners, the vision we launched with has begun to take shape. Every day the volume of articles tracked by CHORUS represents a more significant part of all published research across a broadening spectrum of disciplines. Propelled by this early success, we look forward to redoubling our efforts to solve one of the most complex challenges presented by our changing publishing landscape.

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