CHORUS Moves Forward!

Important CHORUS milestones were achieved since Friday:

  • The DOE’s announcement that it will be collaborating with CHORUS as part of its effort to public access to peer-reviewed articles reporting on DOE-funded research.
  • CHORUS’ move from our pilot phase into production.

These are important steps, but they are just a beginning. The CHORUS team is working diligently to create a robust, efficient, and effective solution for public access, and enlist the participation of funders, publishers, and others in the scholarly community. Many announcements and developments lie ahead.

One of the central benefits CHORUS can offer by building upon existing infrastructure is to encourage publishers to provide text and data mining of scholarly content. In particular, CHORUS will encourage publishers to participate in the recently-launched CrossRef Text and Data Mining services, which streamlines the process of connecting mining researchers and publishers (see We have let funding agencies know that we can help to provide this functionality — CHORUS is working on making it happen.

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