CHORUS partners with AGU on NSF data citation best practices grant

CHORUS has been named in a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant made to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) designed to further open data citation best practices and ensure that NSF earth science data are publicly accessible, linked to publications and grants, and credited.

CHORUS will aid in identifying and connecting datasets related to AGU published content that report on NSF-funded research. We will work with AGU to improve their workflows to better capture dataset-related metadata from open repositories, and use Scholexplorer, DataCite and other APIs to present dataset reports with details such as linked articles, name and type of dataset, repository and creator names, subject classification and reuse license information. The resulting reports will help AGU improve the data citation deposit into the NSF Public Access Repository (NSF PAR) and ensure that researchers and authors receive credit for their data.

AGU will also be partnering with Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) on outreach efforts, and with Dryad as a data repository. The two-year project kicked off in October 2020; all learnings and practices from the work will be openly shared. You can read the full release from AGU here.

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