CHORUS Releases New Dataset Report

Datasets are an important piece of the scholarly ecosystem. Linking datasets to published research helps increase their visibility and encourages further exploration and use. CHORUS members and participants can now download dataset reports directly from their dashboards.

The dataset reports provide a view into the metadata associated with the dataset from DataCite ( and 
makes explicit the connections between the dataset and the published research. Some of the key information shared about the datasets includes:

  • Repository name where the dataset is held
  • Date the dataset was posted to the repository
  • Subject areas associated with the dataset
  • Other works related to the dataset 
  • Funder names and award details assigned to the dataset
  • Dataset reuse license information

We expect the reports to improve and evolve over time as dataset metadata continues to improve, we see how the reports are being used, and additional connections between datasets and their associated research are discovered.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact CHORUS Staff at

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