How Open is Open Data & Software?

19 April 2023 – Free online meeting
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

The word “open” is being used commonly in scholarly communications with little context as to what is meant or intended. Researchers have been working openly to their advantage throughout their careers.  What is different now, and what is the value of “being open”?  Is open a binary option?  On or off?  OR is “open” dependent on your context and research objectives with the necessary flexibility?  When we are being open, what is our responsibility around attribution and credit?

The speakers of this AGU/CHORUS Forum will discuss the open sharing of data and software as a researcher, within a team, and across a community and how it better supports discovery, collaboration, transparency and innovation.

Presentations and video are available below


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Session 1. What is the value of Open Data / Software Sharing in a world of Open Science? The Researcher Perspective

Moderator: Kristina Vrouwenvelder (AGU)


  • Kathleen Gregory, Researcher, University of Vienna

    Bio | Presentation | Video: 00:04:48

  • Mumin Oladipo, Researcher, KolaDaisi University

    Bio | Presentation | Video: 00:16:24

  • Elise F. Zipkin, Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program Director, Michigan State University

    Bio | Video: 00:28:09

Q&A | Video: 00:35:04

Break & Interactive poll | Video: 00:53:46

Session 2. What is the value of Open Data / Software Sharing in a world of Open Science? The Support System

Moderator: Shelley Stall (AGU)


  • Danie Kinkade, Director, Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Bio | Presentation | Video: 1:07:24

  • Allen James Pope, Program Director, Polar Cyberinfrastructure, National Science Foundation

    Bio | Presentation | Video: 1:19:17

  • Lauren Kmec, Managing Editor, Science, AAAS

    Bio | Presentation | Video: 1:32:41

Q&A | Video: 01:41:53











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