Expanded partnerships enhance CHORUS services

CHORUS is pleased to announce two enhancements to CHORUS’ core services to identify and monitor research articles reporting on funded research.

CHORUS Auditing Service Expands with Unpaywall

CHORUS is now capturing results from Unpaywall to enhance our open access monitoring processes.

The inclusion of Unpaywall’s Open Access checks augment existing CHORUS open access monitoring  procedures and GetFTR data to further expand and automate checking journal articles and conference proceedings from publishers, supporting the organization’s mission of advancing sustainable, cost-effective content reporting on research funded by public organizations. The audit provenance is captured in the CHORUS database and displayed in the CHORUS Services.

CHORUS Captures Additional Articles Reporting on JST Funded Research

CHORUS has been working closely with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to identify published research funded by JST Programs that have not been correctly identified in the metadata deposited at Crossref. The initial exercise resulted in the identification and verification of a number of additional articles that were funded by JST. These DOIs have now been added to the CHORUS database. JST is reflected as the Funder Source in the CHORUS Dashboards and Reports. CHORUS will continue to work with JST to identify additional DOIs funded by JST Programs.  CHORUS Publisher Members are welcome to update their Crossref records with this additional metadata but are not required to do so. No further member obligations are implied by this JST-provided information.


CHORUS advances sustainable, cost-effective public access to articles reporting on funded research in ways that benefit all in the scholarly communications community. A not-for-profit membership organization, CHORUS leverages existing infrastructure, promotes collaboration, sparks innovation, and broadens the dialogue among publishers, funders, service providers, researchers, and other stakeholders. By providing the necessary metadata infrastructure and governance to enable a smooth, low-friction interface between funders, authors, institutions and publishers in a distributed network environment, CHORUS minimizes open access compliance burdens while increasing access to literature and data in support of funder mandates worldwide.

About Unpaywall

Unpaywall is a project of OurResearch, a nonprofit building tools to help make scholarly research more open, connected, and reusable. Unpaywall is an open database of almost 30 million free scholarly articles from over 50,000 publishers and repositories.


Japan Science and Technology Agency plays a central role in Japan’s Science and Technology Basic Plan. JST funds basic research, commercialization of new technologies, distribution of science and technology information, international joint research, and the fostering of next generation human resources.

JST stimulates real progress in science and technology and helps tackle a variety of social issues and continues to strengthen close relationships with universities, research institutes and industry inside and outside Japan, create collaborative science and technology innovation and ensure the sustainable development of society.

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