New highlights from the CHORUS process

The following publishers are actively contributing to the POC process:

American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
John Wiley & Sons

We will have more representative publishers participating in the Pilot.

CHORUS has already collected several thousand metadata records from these five publishers for articles published in 2011-2013 derived from research based on US Federal agency funding. Each publisher has supplied the DOI (digital object identifier) and additional metadata detailing the research funding source(s) from a standard list provided by CHORUS service provider FundRef and a grant identification number when made available by the author. This information has then been merged into the FundRef database and linked to the core CrossRef bibliographic database to enable links to the best available version (the accepted author manuscript or full text version of record) at the publishers’ sites.

CHORUS has crafted personas for its many stakeholders, which have been actively vetted with the agencies: among them, US Agency Department Head, Researcher, Principal Investigator, Publishers and the Public.

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