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CHORUS is pleased to be working with the following new members to advance public access: American Chemical Society, AIP Publishing, American Physical Society, Association of Computing Machinery, Elsevier, Hindawi , Silverchair, and Wiley.

ACM, AIP, APS, ACS, Elsevier, Silverchair, and Wiley representatives serve on the CHORUS Board of Directors and have already played a key role in our development. We’re delighted that this esteemed group has stepped up their participation and that we can now also count Hindawi among our ranks.


CHORUS wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the support of more than 100 organizations and businesses engaged in scholarly publishing for the public benefit that have become Signatories since CHORUS began production in 2013.  Their support helped our effort to advance public access to research get off the ground.

We are now embarking on a membership drive to increase the participation of our signatories and engage other organizations and businesses. Membership categories include:

  • Publisher Members – open to companies publishing scholarly content (fee)
  • Affiliate Members – open to non-publisher organizations and business involved in scholarly publishing (fee)
  • Funder Partners – open to organizations that support research (no fee)
  • Academic Supporters – open to academic institutions and libraries (no fee)

The more members, partners, and supporters that sign on with CHORUS, the more the more value it will have for the research community. CHORUS is available free of charge to researchers, funders, academic institutions and libraries, and the public. Member fees for publishers and affiliates represent good value and are vital to CHORUS’ success—they cover our start-up and operating expenses. .

If you’d like to learn more about membership, please feel free to contact Executive Director Howard Ratner or Marketing and Communications Director Susan Spilka.


On September 4th, relaunched with new site architecture, a refreshed design, and updated content—corresponding with CHORUS’ move into full production, the announcement of our first major funding agency agreement, and the start of our membership drive.

The new look and feel is intended to strengthen the CHORUS brand promise to advance a sustainable solution enabling public access to funded research. The arrow in our logo signifies our distributed access approach, pointing users to scholarly content in context on the original publication sites. The CHORUS website is fully integrated with our Search and Dashboard Services, making it easy to find information about CHORUS and use our tools

Windmill Design, Propulsion, and Susan Spilka (now CHORUS Marketing and Communications Director) collaborated with CHORUS on the redesign.


Please take a look at How CHORUS Drives Public Access, an article by our Executive Director Howard Ratner and Wiley’s Director of Communications Alice Meadows, who chairs our Communications Working Group, which published in the NISO Information Standards Quarterly’s summer issue.


If you’re attending the 2014 STM International Conference at the Westin Grand Frankfurt Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany on 7 October 2014, we encourage you to attend the CHORUS Update that Howard will present at 4 p.m. More information about the CHORUS presence at November events, such as the 2014 Charleston Conference and the 2014 CrossRef Annual Member Meeting, will be shared in our October Update.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Contact Susan Spilka

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