A cooperative effort of diverse organizations engaged in scholarly publishing worldwide, CHORUS advances sustainable open access to published articles reporting on funded research, helping to meet funder mandates while saving all stakeholders time, effort, and money.

Harmonizing Open Access Compliance

Avoids Duplication of Effort and Expense: Substantial investments made over the past 15 years have created an open, interoperable, and scalable infrastructure for the scholarly research ecosystem. CHORUS weaves these systems, services, and open APIs together with new ones to associate published research articles with the funders who support the underlying research.

Up & Running: CHORUS currently monitors over 450,000 published articles reporting on funded research. We audit each content record for open accessibility on publisher’s sites, availability of reuse licenses, archival and preservation arrangements, and links from funder open or public access repositories. This data is reported on public dashboards on our website, updated daily and growing quickly as members publish routinely and fully implement CHORUS.

Funder Partners: CHORUS metadata is used by seven US funding agencies (DOD, DOE, NSF, USDA, Smithsonian Institute, USGS, and NIST) with whom we collaborate through signed agreements. They have told us they value the close ties our members have with researchers. CHORUS members collectively publish the vast majority of funded peer-reviewed journal articles.

Gold & Green: Part of what sets CHORUS apart is that it works across the spectrum of publishing models and is interoperable with publisher platforms, third party services, and funder portals. It doesn’t matter if an open access program is green, gold, or hybrid; what reuse license is employed; how long the embargo is; and which version is made public. CHORUS strikes a balance to serve the diverse needs of the scholarly community.

Download the PDF version of CHORUS for Institutions.