Trying to monitor publicly funded research published by your researchers in response to evolving funder mandates?


Using standard metadata provided by authors, Crossref, ORCID and Publishers, CHORUS Institution Dashboards ease the burden of monitoring compliance with funder mandates on open access to publicly funded research. Save time, money and reduce compliance-related problems for future funding by subscribing today.


  1. Once an author submits an article to a participating publisher, the Publisher collects funder ID metadata via manuscript tracking system or extracts the metadata from acknowledgements.


  1. Upon acceptance or article publication, the Publisher registers the article DOI with Crossref and includes:

    • a standardized Funder ID,
    • a reuse License URL and open access start date,
    • a full text URL, and
    • ORCID IDs (where provided by authors).
    Publishers may make either the accepted manuscript or the version of record
    openly accessible on their site, depending on Publisher preference.


  1. Publisher archives content with CLOCKSS and/or Portico dark archives.


  1. CHORUS ingests Crossref DOI metadata, audits open accessibility on publisher sites,
    and adds metadata relevant for open access and institutions, including:

    • confirmation of ingestion at dark archives,
    • agency portal URLs, and
    • ORCID ID links (where provided by authors).


  1. CHORUS packages all this data in a simple, intuitive Dashboard interface designed
    for your individual institution. Report files are downloadable in .csv file format.


With annual subscription prices topping out at $5,150, can you afford not to subscribe?

Contact the CHORUS today to find out how a CHORUS Institution Dashboard can help you monitor open access research published by your institution!

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