CHORUS is a suite of services and best practices that provide a sustainable solution to deliver open access to published articles reporting on funded research in the United States.

  • IDENTIFICATION: Simply naming the funding source during the article submission process adds metadata from Crossref’s Open Funder Registry, which triggers open access to the article and minimizes the time researchers have to spend on administrative tasks.
  • DISCOVERY: Users can quickly find the latest research articles via funder portals and common search engines, as well as through CHORUS’ search application. CHORUS’ use of open application programming interfaces invites innovators to develop new tools and functionality that further support open access and facilitates text and data mining on articles reporting on funded research.
  • ACCESS: CHORUS points users to the best available version of articles — either immediately on publication or after an embargo period — on the publication sites, where they can find essential context, tools, and information.
  • COMPLIANCE: Compliance is easy using simple tagging built into the article submission process, while a CHORUS Dashboard application facilitates monitoring and reporting by funders and publishers without adding unnecessary costs and administrative overhead.
  • PRESERVATION: CHORUS ensures the integrity and sustainability of the scholarly record through partnerships with CLOCKSS, Portico, and other services that archive and preserve research articles in perpetuity.

CHORUS’ benefits for authors:

  • Quick and easy compliance with funder requirements is built into the submission process, minimizing your time and effort spent on these tasks.
  • Increases the visibility of your research articles through optimized search capabilities.
  • The long-­term availability and preservation of your research articles is guaranteed.

CHORUS’ benefits for readers include:

  • Easy access to articles reporting on research funded with tax dollars, at no extra cost to the taxpayer.
  • Optimized search results through common engines as well as the CHORUS search service.
  • Directs users to the best available version of research articles reporting on funded research, where they can find context, tools, and correction and retraction information.

Download the PDF version of CHORUS for Researchers.