What Publishers Need To Do

  1. Collect funder information (via your manuscript tracking system or by extracting from your articles) and map it to entries in the Crossref Open Funder Registry
  2. Include funder information in deposits to Crossref
  3. Make at least one version of your articles reporting on funded research openly accessible on your website, either Version of Record (VOR) or Accepted Manuscript (AM), with an appropriate embargo period
  4. Choose a license for content reuse for each article reporting on funded research, either a common public license such as Creative Commons (CC) or a publisher proprietary license and register the license with CHORUS
  5. Include license metadata in deposits to Crossref that identifies the openly accessible version, the reuse license, and the start date for open access commensurate with the selected embargo period
  6. Include a URL for a full text version in deposits to Crossref and make it available to be harvested for indexing by funders from the date of publication (funders will link back to you by the DOI and only harvest articles reporting on research that they funded)
  7. Archive the AM or VOR at a recognized archive service (CLOCKSS or Portico)

And here are links to the CHORUS website for funder information


Updated December 2018