Royal Society of Chemistry joins CHORUS!

CHORUS welcomes the Royal Society of Chemistry as our newest publisher member.

As one of the oldest and most respected scientific societies in the world, the Royal Society of Chemistry brings a rich tradition of excellence to scientific publishing. The breadth of content that they publish is a welcome addition to the CHORUS dataset. And in turn they will benefit from the members-only dashboard, tracking public access compliance of articles in their publications.

“The Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to be working closely with CHORUS to achieve our mutual goals of fair and sustainable public access. As a society publisher, our fundamental mission is to advance the chemical sciences through effective dissemination of high quality research content. This partnership will allow us to increase the availability and accessibility of the research that we publish, not only to the scientific communities that we serve, but to the general public as well”, says Dr. Emma Wilson, Director of Publishing at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

CHORUS is currently monitoring and auditing more than 350,000 articles reporting on funded research, of which more than 78,000 are publicly accessible today. Every day the volume of articles tracked by CHORUS represents a more significant part of all published research across a broadening spectrum of disciplines.

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