University of Denver Joins CHORUS in Tuning up Public Access Compliance

CHORUS is pleased to announce that the University of Denver has joined the organization’s academic pilot initiative currently underway with the University of Florida.

Every institution added to the pilot will bring unique perspectives based on its needs. This will enhance all participants’ experience and accelerate service improvements for affiliated institutions and their researchers.

Through the pilot program, CHORUS will provide the University of Denver with metadata for articles reporting on US agency-funded research and authored by University of Denver researchers. This information will help the university and its authors identify articles for their public access compliance efforts, and will complement monitoring of compliance with funder requirements. The pilot will also identify which University of Denver authors have obtained ORCID identifiers.

Michael Levine-Clark, Dean and Director of the University of Denver Libraries, states that he is “particularly excited about the opportunity to help develop a scalable method for automating many of the complicated steps involved in ensuring compliance with funder mandates.”

Participating CHORUS publishers will also support the University of Denver’s indexing initiatives by providing access to the full text of articles authored by its affiliated researchers. Links from the institutional repository will lead to the relevant content on the publisher’s own website, in the context of the journal in which it was published.

Several CHORUS publisher members are participating in the pilot, including American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, Association for Computing Machinery, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, The Rockefeller University Press and Wiley. Pilot participants are meeting regularly to evaluate progress and determine next steps, which may include an ongoing service customized for institutional needs. Participants may also explore related metadata, identifier and compliance initiatives, and map future interactions as part of their collaboration.

Anyone interested in participating in the pilot should contact CHORUS Executive Director Howard Ratner.

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