US Funding Agency Public Access Plans – Enhanced Resource

Keeping track of the requirements of US federal funding agencies’ public access plans covering publications isn’t an easy task. The plans and their requirements are as varied as the departments and the agencies they serve. But for publishers, compliance officers at academic institutions, researchers, and other stakeholders in scholarly publishing, it has become essential. As part of our mission to advance public access to content reporting on funded research, CHORUS has been tracking these plans. We recently updated our website resources to enable an at-a-glance comparison of funders’ respective requirements. The table includes links to each plan and is downloadable as a CSV file.  The information can be sorted by award date, initial embargo, repository/portal used, and of course, if the agency is working with CHORUS.  Culled from public sources, we welcome your updates, comments, and corrections to keep the information accurate and up-to-date.


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