2023 CHORUS Forum Announcements

Save the Date – AGU/CHORUS Forum: How Open is Open Data & Software?

April 19, 2023 @ 11 AM – 1 PM EDT 

The word “open” is being used commonly in scholarly communications with little context as to what is meant or intended. Researchers have been working openly to their advantage throughout their careers. What is different now, and what is the value of “being open”?  Is open a binary option? On or off? OR is “open”dependent on your context and research objectives with the necessary flexibility? When we are being open, what is our responsibility relative to attribution and credit?

The speakers of this AGU/CHORUS Forum will discuss the open sharing of data and software as a researcher, within a team, and across a community, and how it better supports discovery, collaboration, transparency and innovation. 

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Additional 2023 events in the works!

Japan Open Science Summit: The Development of National Open Access Strategies. Funding agencies and institutions around the world are introducing open access policies and requirements for their grantees and faculty members either as stand-alone requirements or within their broader open science/research policies. In some jurisdictions national or regional strategies are being considered and introduced. The recent OSTP Nelson memo in the USA, has focused activity elsewhere on national initiatives including in Japan. This forum jointly hosted by Japan Science and Technology Agency and CHORUS will bring together speakers from funders and government agencies from the USA, Australia, and Japan to share ideas and developments at the funder and national levels on open access strategies, using simultaneous translation.

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CHORUS Forum: Real World Impact of Faculty Publications. Academic institutions are interested in measuring the real-world impact of faculty publications. What does “real-world” impact look like and how can it be demonstrated? Join us for a lively discussion aimed at  developing case studies to help derive a consensus of what impact really means and how it could be measured.

CHORUS Forum: Supporting Accessibility. Supporting accessibility in scholarly communications has a number of positive impacts, both for individuals and for the broader academic community.  This is particularly important in light of government mandates, including the OSTP public access mandate of 2022, which stresses the importance of equitable access to all publicly funded research. What needs to be done to ensure that everyone has access to the knowledge and resources they need to succeed and make a positive impact in their field?

CHORUS Forum: Mapping the Research Lifecycle – Connecting the Pieces.  Speakers and panelists of this CHORUS Forum will explore why researchers, institutions, funders and national governments need to map the research cycle, to what extent they can do so today, and how they will be doing so in the future,

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