Introducing the CHORUS Publisher Data Availability Policies Index

Introducing the CHORUS Publisher Data Availability Policies Index!

CHORUS aims to accelerate the awareness of Open Science. It is CHORUS’ mission to streamline the process of complying with open access and public access funder mandates.

Over the last few years, publishers have been making their Data Availability Policies known either at the publisher level or at the journal level. These policies range in their mandate, but most require authors to make all data necessary to replicate their study’s findings publicly available without restriction at the time of publication. When specific legal or ethical restrictions prohibit public sharing of a data set, authors must indicate how others may obtain access to the data. Often, when submitting a manuscript to the publisher, authors must provide a Data Availability Statement describing compliance with the data availability policy. If the article is accepted for publication, the Data Availability Statement will be published as part of the article.

CHORUS has created a centralized index of our member publishers’ policies with links to the policies on the publisher’s site. This chart will be updated at least annually by CHORUS staff.

We hope you find these data availability policies to be of interest to your researchers, institutions and funders.

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