CHORUS Forum: Mapping the research lifecycle – connecting the pieces

6 June 2023 – Free online meeting
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Connecting people, places, and things throughout the research lifecycle is increasingly important to all stakeholders in the research ecosystem. Speakers and panelists in this CHORUS forum will explore why researchers, institutions, funders and national governments need to map the research cycle, to what extent they can do so today, and how they will be doing so in the future.

The rise of persistent identifiers (PIDs) has improved discovery and unique identification for researchers and many research outputs. However, the landscape remains fragmented, resulting in difficulty tracking the true impact of research, and excessive administrative burden, particularly on researchers. This forum aims to understand what progress still needs to be made to uniquely, openly, and persistently identify and connect funders, institutions, grants, projects, data, and other research outputs. 

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Moderator: Phill Jones, MoreBrains Cooperative


The Problem

  • Phill Jones, MoreBrains Cooperative (bio)
  • Lori Schultz, Assistant Vice President, Research Intelligence, University of Arizona (bio)

The Solution

  • Steve Pinchotti, CEO, Altum (bio)
  • Carly Robinson, Assistant Director for Information Products and Services, OSTI/USDOE (bio)
  • Shawn Ross, Professor of History and Archaeology at Macquarie University, Product Manager, ARDC (bio)

Joining us for a panel discussion, will also be-

  • Kevin W. Bowyer, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame (bio)
  • Scott Dineen, Senior Director of Production and Technology, Optica (bio)

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