Update from Metadata Game Changers and CHORUS

Building on our earlier post about our partnership with Metadata Game Changers, a new blog post on Upstream provides additional information and details about the dataset journeys. The primary focus of this collaboration is to enhance visibility in research infrastructure. The project aims to shed light on the often unnoticed aspects and connections within the scholarly ecosystem and emphasizes how CHORUS data can be instrumental for federal agencies, other funders, and various users. The goal is to facilitate access and utilization of information from the global research infrastructure. 

More information about CHORUS Data Journeys can be found on the Metadata Game Changers blog.

As details emerge from the project, additional posts will be made available.

About Metadata Game Changers

Metadata Game Changers works with clients to develop custom solutions to provide input on standards, build and support communities for data intensive corporations, help repositories obtain Core Trust Seal certification, evaluate metadata and build community alliances to support metadata adoption.


CHORUS brings together funders, societies, publishers, and institutions from across the open research ecosystem to share knowledge, develop solutions, advance innovation, and support collective efforts. CHORUS retrieves data from across the GRI and provides open services for users — including search, dashboard and reporting services as well as a public API

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